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Edwin Throckmorton Thacher (Ebby T.) was a severe alcoholic who found sobriety. In New York City on a cold November day in 1934, he enthusiastically carried the message of recovery to his dear friend and fellow sufferer, Bill Wilson. Wilson soon became co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, now widely considered to be one of the most important spiritual movements of the 20th century.
Bill Wilson (L) with Ebby
(from A.A. Archives)

Ebby was Wilson's first sponsor/mentor in that program. But Ebby himself could not stay sober. The next 32 years saw him in and out of the fellowship of A.A. His longest period of sobriety was 6 years. When he died on March 21, 1966, he had not had a drink of alcohol in 2-1/2 years.

This album has been completed in love and gratitude for those persons in all times, places, and circumstances who, like Ebby T., have had a tremendously positive influence on the world, but who have been "constitutionally incapable" of enjoying the life they have passed on to others. The message in these 10 songs will be familiar to many persons within the rich variety of 12-Step programs currently available. But I hope all who hear these musical offerings will find something that resonates within their hearts.

This album is dedicated to the "Ebby T." in each of us.

Nashville, TN
January 2005

Lee Domann — guitar and vocals
Carson Whitsett — all other instruments
Willie Domann — upright bass on
"Howard Gray"

Produced By: Carson Whitsett, Lee Domann
Recorded By: Carson Whitsett at
High Horse Studio, Nashville, TN
Arrangements: Carson Whitsett
Mixing: Carson Whitsett
Mastering: Mick Conley at
Puremusic Studio, Nashville, TN
Graphic Design: Cathy Sletten
Photo Credits: Jon Vezner for background image of clouds
A.A. Archives for the photo of Ebby T.

My deep gratitude to the above individuals: Carson, for his amazing musicianship and patience; Willie, my fine and talented son, for playing on one more of ol’ Dad’s albums; Mick, for his masterful work; Cathy, for her vision and wonderful artistic gift; Jon, for the great photo, for introducing me to Carson, Cathy and Mick, and for his consistent encouragement, mentorship and friendship.

Also, my loving thanks to my wife and friend, Norma Wimberly, for believing in me and this project; Richard Crane, for helping me to center in; Gracie Hollombe, for her insight and support; and my dear friend, A. Lee Tucker, M.D., Nashville’s "Dr. Silkworth," whose courage and compassionate healing extend farther than he’ll ever know.

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